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The Story

This captivating story dates back in time.  A heart-wrenching story of a woman who dies of breast cancer and is healed in heaven by "God."

This story is sung in a six song sequence with a video on the fifth song.  Her journey is described from the time of her demise and entrance to heaven to the time of her divine healing and becoming an angel. 

With her side like "shattered glass" and feeling like "ruins of the past," she encounters the angelic choir.  Through the story, messages are sent to and from "God" through the three divisions of angels, igniting feelings of passion and spirituality.  Will she fall or will she be saved?

Importantly, one of the highlights of this story is filmed at the Roman theatre in the beautiful medieval city of Gubbio, Italy.  In this film you will be able to experience the presence of angels on earth. 

The story unfolds with kind,warm elements of inspiration leaving you with a feeling of peace and contentment.

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